Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm done!

Hot damn! Asteroid 1618 is now available for download over at the Worldwide Adventure Writing Month's module archive. It will also be available at the Encounter Critical mailing list as soon as I can get yahoo to cooperate. Now that this WoAdWriMo thing is wrapping up, expect some new stuff soon here at the ol' Gameblog. I need to update you all on the Beyond Vinland campaign and I told Dr. Rotwang that I would do an article soon about Ken St. Andre's Starfaring, a crazy pre-Traveller sci-fi adventure game. And I still need to finish part 2 of my old Paladin article.


  1. Remember that Starfaring should not be compared to Traveller; it's like comparing World in Flames to
    Advanced Squad Leader -- they are both WW2 games that use counters.

    Starfaring's real competitor is FGU's Starships and Spacemen; both are early Star Trek-esque RPGs. Starfaring is probably more true to the original series than some trekkies might admit, where Starships & Spacemen tries to take itself seriously.

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    1st off - I just downloaded the asteroid 1618. wow. jaw meets floor. very impressed! makes me glad I didn't even try to do a WoAdWriMo module (though there's still tomorrow...).

    2nd off - so you DO have a copy of Starfaring? ok, but your sister didn't -really- get it for a five bucks at a garage sale the other day along with a stack of gaming magazines, that story was made up, right?

    (by the way, "Lair Of The Fat Man" from the Space Gamer you mention in the EC list post I'm referring to above is a great Top Secret adventure, I ran it once)


  3. Yeah, I already own all the other books I mentioned in the mailing list post. No, my sister didn't get any of them at a garage sale. But if anyone contacts her directly she'll totally stick to my story.

  4. 17.0 MB?! I WANT IT NOW!

  5. Are you going to run Asteroid 1618 at Winter War? If so, I won't read it. If not, I'll zap straight off to that link!

  6. Go right ahead and snag it, Kathleen. I had some totally unrelated ideas for next Winter War. I might use some of the sample PCs then, but that's about it.

  7. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Kick ass. Great stuff, Jeff. Now I really wish I could've entered WoAdWriMo!

  8. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I love the Adventure Duck.

  9. Now I really wish I could've entered WoAdWriMo!

    Butch, there's always next year. And really, if you sent in a module late we'd put the thing on the WoAdWriMo website. June may have been everybody else's WoAdWriMo, but there's nothing to stop you from making July into Butch's Adventure Writing Month.

  10. Anonymous7:45 PM

    there's nothing to stop you from making July into Butch's Adventure Writing Month.

    I'm never going to finish my cartography book if I take on another project now... Next year, maybe.