Saturday, June 30, 2007

S. John Ross has made my day

Asteroid 1618 Very Limited Edition coverS. John Ross, author of Encounter Critical and owner of Cumberland Games, has kindly offered to make available a print-on-demand version of my new module, Asteroid 1618. You can order your own copy at Cumberland's Lulu storefront, down at the bottom of the page. While you're there check out some of Cumberland's other great stuff. I bought my softbound copy of Encounter Critical there and it is awesome.

Asteroid 1618 is being offered at cost. No one makes any money on this product besides the folks at Lulu. That allows the price for a copy to be a low $6.21. If you have any interest in getting one of these (and I won't be offended if you don't, this is some deeply niche stuff we're talking about) then you need to act soon. This version of Asteroid 1618 will only be for sale through the month of July 2007. The PDF version will always be available (here and here, as well as from me via email) and completely free. But this spiffy bound version is a one time only deal. Seriously. We're not the Disney corporation here. This thing is going back in the vault forever after 30 days.

The funny thing is that since this is a print-on-demand product, no comp copies are available. So S. John, the artists, and I all have to pay for our copies. It is cracking me up that even as I type this I have another browser window open where I am paying actual money for a copy of my own module.

By the by, a search on of the term 'role playing' returns 238 products. I'm flipping through the list to see what all they've got. Did you know there's an rpg called Intergalactic Cooking Challenge? I sure didn't. There's a lot of other interesting looking stuff here as well. If you're not digging on my module or S. John's other great stuff, you might want to check out Lulu anyways.


  1. I ponied up for a copy of my own, today - plus one extra copy, which I'll use down the road as a convention prize or contest perk or something else to make a gamer's eyes light up, then sort of narrow in confused concentration, then wander rapidly across pages doubting the evidence of their sense, then sort of relax in understanding, then dart around, mildly embarassed on the possibility that someone was watching.

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    "Awesome, awesome to the max"

    it really is!

  3. Anonymous2:08 AM

    I ordered two copies - one for myself, and another as a possible present. Cool stuff.