Monday, February 13, 2006


According to a new thread at ENWorld it seems someone at RPGShop kinda screwed up. They took a list of game designer blogs from the supposedly confidential "cool game designers only" forum at RPGnow and sent the list out in their February 9th newsletter. I usually trash the newsletter without reading it, but since I use Gmail I was able to retrieve the list:

Gareth-Michael Skarka:
Chris Pramas:
Nicole Lindroos:
Bret Boyd:
Deborah Balsam:
Ari Marmell:
Erik Mona:
Mike Mearls:
James Maliszewski:
M. Jason Parent:
Rob Schwalb:
Steve Kenson:
Chad Underkoffler:
Andrew Kenrick:
Keith Taylor:
Lisa Hartjes:
Preston P. DuBose:
Silven Publishing Team:
Sir Clay:

Some people on the above list are annoyed that their WORLD WIDE WEB page has been publicized. Mike Mearls puts that annoyance, and blogging in general, in persepective:
I think blogs are kind of funny. They really bring out the drama queen in people (ZOMG I HAD THE MOST TRYING TIME SHOPPING AT BEST BUY TODAY!@!@!). On one hand, it seems like people blog for attention. On the other hand, they want a blog to be private enough that they can be drama queens without embarrassing themselves.

I think it was Mr. Goetz, my high school Social Studies teacher, that used to say "Don't write down anything you wouldn't want your mom to read." Considering that my mom has read this blog at least once, that was pretty good advice.

This whole development is pretty timely, since just last week we were discussing over at RPGPundit how many game designers have blogs that are as exciting as watching the corn grow.