Thursday, July 13, 2017

Random BX Halfling advancement

A first level Halfling works just as Jesus and Tom Moldvay intended.  Each time you go up a level roll hit points as normal, but otherwise you only gain the abilities indicated from two rolls on the following chart:
01-03 You get nothing.  Sucks to be you.
04-22 +1 on all attacks
23-35  +2 on all missile and thrown attacks
36-43  +1 on all saving throws
44-47  +2 on one category of saving throw.  If you are a FLAILSNAILer, pick both an old school category like Death Ray and one of the Reflex/Endurance/Will trio.  If you end up in a single saving throw  game, this only counts as +1.
50-51 Gain d4 hit points
52-54 Once per session you may gluttonously devour a week’s worth of rations in one turn.  You heal d6 hit points.  Pigging out does not heal any special or critical effects, only abstract hit points.  Reroll if you get this result again.
55-56  You are an expert at cowering under human-sized shields.  If you take no other action, the shield becomes +4 AC instead of the usual bonus and it grants you damage reduction of 10 points for a wooden shield and 15 points for metal ones.  Any single attack doing double the damage reduction amount shatters the shield.  Reroll if you get this result again.
57-58 In melee you can spend a round to climb on any foe that is  larger than man-sized.  On following rounds you may backstab as a thief.  Use your current level as the guideline for the backstab bonus but it does not advance further as you level up.   In order to buck you off, the monster must sacrifice d3 melee attacks, either all in the same round or consecutively.  You will take 1d6 damage when that happens.  Reroll if you get this result again.
59-61 You may befriend any one monster of animal level intelligence.  It must be solitary when encountered and you must have some tasty treat to offer it.  No dice rolls are necessary, you simply make a new friend who will follow you and be loyal as long as you treat it well.    You may only use this ability once.  Reroll if you get this result again.
62-63  You must have some Tallfellows in your family tree.  Roll on the Elf chart. If you get a result like "Gain a spell slot as usual" you are now in the magic business. Generate a 1st level spellbook that you find on a dusty shelf in your library.
64-65  You must have some Stoors in your family tree.  Roll on the Dwarf chart.
66-68 You’ve gotten really good at blowing smoke rings with your pipe.  Once per battle you can use this power to distract any one creature within 30’ for d3 rounds by directing the smoke to its face.  This is really good for ruining the spellcasting of enemy magic-user types, but melee types still get to attack at -2.  If rolled a second time you can fill an entire 10’ cube with copious smoke, distracting all within.  This can really help with making a quick getaway.  Reroll if this result comes up a third time.
69 Some halflings still know a bit of nature magic.  Gain a random 1st level druid spell as a daily power.  If rolled again, you get a second level spell, etc.
70-72 You are an expert at parlor games, cards, board games, and other frivolous pastimes.  Whenever such things come up, the DM must give you some clear advantage when determining the winner.  This does not include gambling dice, which are unseemly, but does include both poker and chess.  Reroll if you get this result again.
73-74 You’ve got it deep down where it counts.  Once per session you may stay up all night, force march 24 hours, or exhibit some other feat of tremendous endurance with no ill effect.  After the adventure is over you’ll need a week at home with tea, good books, and fuzzy blankets.  Reroll if you get this result again.
75 You’ve gone native.  You can wear shoes or boots and only hate yourself a little.  -2 reactions from
other halfings if they catch you so indecently attired.  Reroll if you get this result again.
76-77 When armed with a single dagger and no shield you get an extra melee attack each round.  Reroll if you get this result again.
78-80 You are just as sneaky in studded leather and ring mail as you are in leather or no armor.  If rolled again, add chainmail to the list.  Reroll the third and subsequent rolls of this entry.
81-83  Party Mascot: It is good luck just to have you around.  Once per session you can grant another party member a reroll on any die throw after the results of the dice are known.  You must be within 60’ of the party member who rolled and you cannot use this power on yourself.  Additionally, if anyone (friend or foe) ever uses a wand of wonder in your presence, you get the choice of two rolls as to the effect.  Subsequent rolls of this entry grant you additional rerolls for party members, but no additional wand of wonder effect.
84-85 You get a Wisdom check before you put anything deadly or nasty into your mouth.  Useful with poison potions as well as the kind of DM who likes to trick PCs into acts of cannibalism.
86-88 You can throw small stones just as effectively (range and damage) as if you had a sling.  Furthermore, if you roll max damage you can bean the foe on the forehead and stun them, knock an item from someone’s hands, or some other cool trick. Reroll if you get this result again.
89 You are preternaturally effective with a thread and needle.  Given d6 turns work you can re-size any magic article of clothing to fit anyone from a sprite to a hill giant. Reroll if you get this result again.
90 Once per session when you get lost your nose will lead you to the nearest source of good food or drink. Reroll if you get this result again.
91-93 Evasive little bugger: Any time you would normally save for half damage, you take only ¼ damage if you save.  If you roll this item again a save for half roll becomes a save for no damage situation.  On a third roll you take half damage if you don’t save, no damage if you do.  If you roll this a fourth time you get nothing.  Do not roll again.
94 Riddle Master: You can challenge dragons, giants, and other fairy tale monsters to a riddle contest  You may not win, but you will delay them at least 1d6 rounds. Reroll if you get this result again.
95 Mr. Filch: Once per session you may pocket any reasonably small item, so long as no one is looking.  Even stuff you can’t reach or that should set off an alarm or trap or something.  You’re not even sure what exactly you did. Reroll if you get this result again.
96-98 You get your choice of two rolls when using a Potions Miscibility Chart.  If your DM does not use a random chart for potion miscibility, send them to me for a stern talking-to. Reroll if you get this result again.

99-00 Roll on the advancement chart for Zak’s Alice class.

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