Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doom of the Jaredites

That Mormons & Morlocks idea has been rattling around my skull, so I think I'm going to try running it via G+ Hangout next week or so.  I'll keep everyone posted on the dates.  The system will be Lamentations of the Flame Princess, but it'll be a FLAILSNAILS joint so bring whatever weirdos you want.

The campaign starts at the Furthest House of Zarahemla, the westernmost extent of the kingdom of the Mulekites.  At this point in the history of continent the Mulekites have largely been absorbed culturally and politically by the Nephites.  A Nephite king sits on the throne of Zarahemla and most Mulekites speak Nephite as their primary language.  Only on the outskirts of the realm can you find cultural hold-outs and the occasional pretender to the throne.

Ahaziel of the Furthest House is one of these throwbacks to the old order.  His family is a cadet line that traces its descent from Mulek, the son of King Zedekiah that travelled to the new world and founded the kingdom.  If you wandered the length and breadth of Zarahemla you could probably find a dozen lords with similar claims upon the throne.  What sets Ahaziel apart from the others is that he also claims to be descended from Coriantumr, last king of the Jaredites.  According to the widely-known legend King Coriantumr survived the destruction of his realm and lived his last days among the Mulekites.  Ahaziel says that this exiled king then married into his family and thus he can claim the Jaredite kingdom as his own.

This is where you lot come in.  Ahaziel needs explorers and surveyors.  He needs to know if any descendants of Coriantumr's subjects survive in the wastes beyond his estates.  And if you can recover any royal treasures, such as the Crown of Coriantumr, so much the better.  Lord Ahaziel hosts a motley crew of adventurers, providing food, drink and a place to sleep for all who would dare to venture into those blank hexes and bring back reports and maps of what is found.

More info to follow.


  1. Groovy. Can I play a blink dog who lives in a vineyard?

  2. I am beside myself with apprehension and awe of this campaign.

    I'm sure that I would offend someone, or make a fool of myself if I tried to pull this off. Yet somehow I know that your inherent awesomeness will carry you though this endeavor to a triumphant resolution. I do not plan to join, but I eagerly await session reports and any related info. Grod bless you JRients.

  3. @Matt - Oh, you!

    Seriously, though I want to be a half-Nephilim. ;)

  4. Jeff:
    Drop me a line about this campaign when you get a chance, would you?
    boric dot glanduum1 at "geemail" dot com.


  5. I know nothing at all about the setting except for the content of your blog posts, but I wanna play!

  6. I'm also interested! radiationscarredreviews AT gmail DOT com.