Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Hargrave Descriptionator, part 4

Here's the last piece of random room features inspired by the Arduin modules.  By request, here's all four pieces in a single Google doc.  And while you're grabbing some random charts, here are some quicky gem and jewel charts I whipped up a while back.

01-02 air glows pale green
03-05 bitter, metallic odor
06-08 blood splattered about
09-11 chandelier(s) with oil lamps
12-13 crystal chandelier
14-15 darkness spell only counterable with a wish
16-18 doors of brass bound oak with ivory skull-themed knockers
19-21 doors of brass bound seasoned oak 18" thick
22-24 doors of burnished copper
25-27 doors of dull iron
28-29 doors of fire-blackened iron
30-32 doors of highly polished bronze
33-34 doors of iron sheathed in tarnished copper
35-36 doors of silver-plated steel
37-39 dust covering everything
40-42 every surface painted with horrible cabalistic designs
43-45 filled with giant toadstools
46-47 glass globe containing neon red gas, illuminating room
48-49 glass orb glowing with daylight equivalent
50-51 green malachite steps up to an altar
52-54 huge masses of cobwebs in corners
55-56 odor of burnt pepper
57-59 odor of rotting meat
60-61 oily quality to the air
62-63 pale blue haze smells of licorice
64-66 pile of bones and rusted weapons/armor
67-69 room filled with glowing golden fog
70-72 room smells of cinnamon and fried chicken
73-75 shattered and partially dissolved bones
76-79 shiny polished sconces every 3'
81-83 smell of licorice
84-85 smell of lilys
86-87 smell of peppermint
88-90 smell of sulphur
91-92 tinkling sound like windchimes
93-96 torches in brass sconces
97-00 white marble pillars


  1. Thanks very much! An easy way to Arduin my dungeon. :)

  2. Jeff, we over-worked DMs owe you a great debt of gratitude.

  3. Great "Flight of Dragons" banner!

  4. Love those Arduin modules. This is an awesome chart. :)