Friday, March 09, 2012

The Hargrave Descriptionator, part 3

d100 FLOOR
01 3' deep very dry old straw
02-03 3' of brown, mucky water
04-05 4' of dirt over stone
06-07 black basalt with silver and gold flecks
08 black basalt with silver inlay in spiral pattern
09-10 black marble
11-12 black obsidian
13-14 blue marble
15-16 blue painted concrete
17 brilliant green crystal with flickering, dancing points of light
18-19 dry, crumbly red sandstone
20-21 dull red quartz
22-23 dusty granite
24-25 dusty, cracked, crumbling basalt
26 fine red crystal sand
27 fine wool oval rug
28 fire pit with eerie green flames
29-30 fired brick
31-32 glittering mica with strange swirls of green copper
33-34 granite covered with silver leaf
35-36 green nephrite
37-38 green obsidian
39-40 grey granite covered by 4" thick glass
41-42 grey-green malachite
43-44 iron ore
45-46 lavender marble
47-48 loose dirt on rough, grey granite
49-50 low ground fog (3' or so) over slippery wet grey granite
51-52 magical mirror surface
53-54 milky white marble
55-56 mirror polished steel
57-60 nondescript grey stone
61-62 nondescript stone painted pale blue
63-64 old grey iron
65 pale red translucent glass
66 pale violet marble with white swirls and golden flecks
67-68 pale yellow marble
69-70 pearl grey stone
71-72 pitted, corroded, acid-etched bronze
73-74 red carnelian
75-76 red marble with silver swirls
77-78 red, crumbly sandstone
79 rough white quartz with iron pyrite sparkles
80-81 rusty red iron
82 rusty, flaking iron
83-84 shiny steel
85-86 slippery smooth pale blue marble
87-88 smooth pale golden sandstone
89-90 smooth red marble
91 solid granite
92-93 tile mosaic depicting demons slaughtering elves
94-95 tile mosaic of reds whites and blues in a floral pattern
96-97 translucent black obsidian
98 unfinished diamond
99-00 yellow marble with puddle of blood


  1. These tables give me the dungeon willies. I imagine if I walked into a room made of almost any of these materials I'd back right out again. "Oh no, it's all...Arduin in here." Nothing says "I'm taking my life in my hands now" like walking out onto a floor of pitted, corroded, acid-etched bronze.

  2. Hey Jeff, how about throwing all these Hargrave Descriptinators in a Google Docs file?

  3. Sure, after I finish the last one.

  4. I think I might have to split the 92-93 results into:

    92 - tile mosaic depicting demons slaughtering elves
    93 - tile mosaic depicting elves slaughtering demons