Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Hargrave Descriptionator, part 2

01 6" wide bars of glowing crystal (illuminate room)
02-03 black basalt with red jade inlay depicting giant fanged mouth surrounded by swirling tentacles
04-05 black basalt with silver and gold flecks
06-07 black marble
08-09 black obsidian
10-11 black onyx carved with obscene pictograms
12-13 brilliant green crystal with flickering, dancing points of light
14-15 carved & arabesqued white marble
16-17 copper plated with silver
18-19 covered with lichens, moss & slime
20-21 cracked tan sandstone, dust and debris crumbling down
22-23 crumbling pale golden sandstone
24-25 deep purple marble
26-27 dull red quartz lit from within, filling room with pinkish glow
28-29 dusty granite
30-31 dusty, cracked, crumbling basalt with large, cave-in prone crack
32 eerie green glow
33 fired brick with small jets of blue flame (very hot in here!)
34 granite covered with silver leaf
35 green nephrite painted with hieroglyphs faded into illegibility
36-37 green obsidian
38-39 grey granite covered by 4" thick glass
40-41 grey-green malachite
42 iron ore
43 magical mirror surface
44-45 milky white marble
46-47 mirror polished steel
48-49 natural stone with stalactites so long some nearly reach the floor
50-51 nondescript stone painted pale blue
52-53 old grey iron festooned with spider webs
53-54 old, faded pentagram
55-56 pale blue marble
57-58 pale green marble
59-60 pale red translucent glass
61-62 pale violet jade
63 pale violet marble with white swirls and golden flecks
64-65 pale yellow marble
66-67 pale yellow marble
68-69 pale, streaked green jade
70 patches of slightly phosphorescent lichen
71-72 pearl grey stone
73-74 pitted, corroded, acid-etched bronze
75-76 polished copper
77-78 red marble with silver swirls
79-80 red sandstone
81-82 red, crumbly sandstone
83-84 rough, grey granite
85-86 rusty, flaking iron with faded cabalistic design
87 sequin sparkle stars
88-89 solid granite
90-91 tan granite
92 thick, clear quartz with glowing lava above
93-94 translucent black obsidian
95 unfinished diamond
96-97 wet grey granite slowly dripping water
98 yellow marble with dripping bloodstain on ceiling
99-00 yellow pointed granite


  1. Did you enlarge the font on your main page? It's all large.

    1. Blogger was just weird for a bit, I think.

    2. No wait. Now it's back.

  2. Hm. A blue fur walled room with a ceiling shooting out small jets of flame could get very dangerous very fast.

  3. More awesome stuff. Keep it coming, Jeff! :D