Sunday, December 05, 2010


  • The artifact book all y'all contributed out is coming along slow because I am a lazy butt.  Sorry for the delay.  My plan is to have a PDF version out before Christmas and the whole project done before class starts (yay!) in the second week of January.
  • I started work on a section by section read-through of the original Arduin Grimoire.  That dropped off the map not for lack of interest, but because I misplaced my copy for several weeks.  Embarrassing, but true.  Now that I have that booklet back in my grubby little hands expect the next installment later this week.
  • Hey, it looks like some people found yesterday's post about ornamental stones useful.  Commenter steelcaress of Roll 'Em even made an nifty expanded PDF version you can download here.  Since that post went over so well, I think I'll eventually do similar work for the rest of the gem spectrum.  However I've got plenty on my plate already (see above), so if someone else wants to tackle one or more gemstone categories please feel free.  Just let me know (with linky please!) so as to avoid duplication of effort.
  • In case you haven't heard, a new edition of Mutant Future is going into distribution by the end of the year.  Pester your local game store owner to get you a copy!  Check out the rad new cover:


  1. Loved the ornamental stones post, and the PDF is a great way to keep it as a useful reference.

    Any plans for further posts with higher value stones?

  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Thanks for the update. I was just wondering whatever happened to the Arduin series.

  3. Awesome new cover for Mutant Future!