Saturday, December 04, 2010

Ornamental Stones, base 10gp value

Azurite, a.k.a. Chessylite, ancient Greek Kuanos, Latin Caeruleum

"Heating destroys azurite easily" - Wikipedia

Blue Quartz

Eye Agate

Those shiny black rocks in gift shops that are magnetic and stick together?  I'm pretty sure that's hematite.

Used by the ancient Egyptians for scarabs.

Moss Agate

"when cut in one direction it is jet black; in another it is glistening gray" - Wikipedia again

A blue variant is called Hawk Eye.


  1. Adam Olsen7:24 AM

    Take this, add a little more text to each image (variants, unusual properties like the heating bit), and convert to PDF (hopefully with the right scale), and you'd have a really useful printout.

  2. Lapis Lazuli was also crushed up to make ink. I'm not sure about other periods but I know this was true of the Late Middle Ages. Since it's a precious stone, it became the rage to make everything one could in an illuminated manuscript blue. This was a kind of a status symbol, if a minor one.

    Heres what it looks like on a page:

  3. When I was a kid in Mexico, we'd go hiking up in the hills near my house. At some parts of the hills you could literally bend over, brush away a little dirt, and scoop up some shards of obsidian.

  4. They look like Jelly Bellies. Mmm....Jelly Bellies.

  5. Dr. Rotwang: You totally leveled up and didn't have to knife anything in the process.

  6. Shiny.

    Agree with Adam, I like being able to have visual aids at the table. And truthfully before seeing this I could probably paint a mental image of half this list.

  7. I have a kind of rough draft worked up in PDF format, for anyone who is interested.

  8. Great job Jeff! I have to admit, it's so much nicer to see someone else gathering this information than having to do it myself :P