Friday, January 15, 2010

The Dungeon Alphabet

At Wednesday night's game I was able to pick up my copy of Mike Curtis's The Dungeon Alphabet.

Let me run down the basic facts:
  • A 26 point guide for pimping out your dungeons
  • Kickass random die charts on damn near every page
  • Chock full of awesome art by Otus, Roslof, Holloway, Mullen and others
  • Only $9.99!
  • In distribution, so you can get it from your local game store.
This book is very nearly perfect. I only have two nitpicks. 1) Not every page is numbered, to allow full bleed on the larger illos. 2) Too much white space on pages 40 and 43. A couple more chart entries could've been squeezed in there.

Even with those two gripes I still feel confident saying that every GM fond of random die charts and dungeon adventures should own The Dungeon Alphabet, no matter what system you use. Get in contact with your local store owner to order a copy. If you don't have a local store you can get it from Paizo, Amazon or straight from Goodman Games.


  1. You might want to let your reader's know,
    they save a $1 if they order from Piazo,
    NOT sure how the savings translate after shipping.

  2. Mine is in the mail right now, should be here tomorrow or monday...:)

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in my FLGS. Hardcover and only $9.99! No brainer!

  4. Personally I'd rather have the illustration get as much real estate as possible. (And what great illios they are!) Is there a specific reason you'd rather to have all pages numbered?

    /Got mine straight from Goodman

  5. Is there a specific reason you'd rather to have all pages numbered?

    I like leaving myself notes like "see this chart on page 6".

  6. Thanks for bringing this up. I ordered a copy today with the last of my xmass amazon gift acct.

  7. This review has also caused me to put this title on my wishlist. I'm very intrigued. I'm also a sucker for random tables.