Friday, January 01, 2010

an announcement

By the power invested in me by no one in particular I am declaring anno two thousand and ten to be

The International Encounter Critical Year

I'm not dropping my current Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future mash-up campaign and the ol' Gameblog will continue to feature posts about other games, but I've made plans to shoot for the moon with Encounter Critical. The biggest gaming goal I have for 2010 is to finally start an ongoing EC campaign. I also hope to reignite some old projects, particularly the fanmade EC Sparks set, the Lexicon of Vanth wiki, and Phasic, my EC micro-fanzine. If you're an EC fan and not registered with the official mailing list, please hop on board to join the fun, as a lot of these schemes will hatch there.

Another big piece of my Encounter Critical year is to be a new booklet. Tentatively titled The Journey Master's Oracle, the basic idea is a manual of crazy random die charts similar to the Miscellaneum of Cinder but with a little more structure: a JM should be able to sit down at the table stone cold and whip up an Encounter Critical adventure on the fly by reading the book and rolling some dice. This baby'll be a free PDF download with a very small homemade print run. I don't plan on making any money on this one, but I'll probably ask people wanting the print version to cover postage.

The first big event of the Encounter Critical 2010 project will be a contest in which any and all Gameblog readers can participate! First (and only) prize will be Jeff's Crazy Gaming Grab-Bag, a mysterious box full of stuff from my game collection, some of which you may even like. Details tomorrow.