Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Starting Gear for Mutant Future

Melee Weapon (d12)
1. Crude Spear
2. Rusty Meat Cleaver
3. Rusty Machete
4. Rusty Butcher Knife
5. Ball Peen Hammer
6. Crowbar
7. Baseball Bat (2 in 6 chance Cricket Bat instead)
8. 2x4 with nails in it
9. Hockey Stick cleverly adorned with rusty razor blades
10. Lead Pipe
11. Fondue Fork
12. Broken Beer Bottle

Missile Weapon (d12)
1. None
2. Shortbow, 2d12 arrows
3. Longbow, 2d12 arrows
4. Light Crossbow, 2d12 bolts
5. Sling, d12 stones
6. Slingshot, d12 stones
7. d4+1 Pub Darts
8. Boomerang
9. Black Powder Pistol, ammuniton for 2d12 shots (d10 damage)
10. Black Powder Rifle, ammuniton for 2d12 shots (d12 damage)
11. Bola
12. None

Armor (d12)
1. None
2. Heavy Furs & Hides (Ac 8)
3. Biker Jacket (Ac 8)
4. Leather Armor (Ac 7)
5. Football Pads, 2 in 6 chance w/jersey (Ac 8)
6. Biker Jacket & Miscellaneous Metal Bits (Ac 7)
7. Leather Armor & Miscellaneous Metal Bits (Ac 6)
8. Roadsign Shield (Ac 9)
9. Roadsign Shield plus random armor (roll d6)
10. Ridiculous Agglomeration of Metal Bits (Ac 4, encumbering)
11. Kevlar Vest (Ac 5)
12. None

Still working on miscellaneous equipment.

UPDATE: Changed the armor chart to give a 2 in 12 chance of starting with nothing.
UPDATE 2: Made some changes based upon the comments.


  1. Good stuff. I have been thinking a lot about post-apocalyptic settings (after reading "The Road"), and thought a good way to equip starting characters would be completely random rolls on a few tables. Of course I am leaning more towards a near future setting (with most modern tools and weapons still available), such as a zombie apocalypse or rise of the machines. I think my RESISTANCE setting will be my next project.

  2. What, no soup pot helmet? And the d10 stones for the slings are really golf balls, aren't they?

    And you just know that at some point one of the characters will start carrying around a rusty power drill convinced it's a death ray pistol.

  3. God stuff indeed. I used a roll your equipment section for a homebrew post-apocalypse game years back.
    Had weapons and such of course but also included footgear, clothing, hats and containers.

    It really helps with the scraping things together scavenging wanderer set-up that is popular with post-apocalypse fiction. It also gets folks to play with and develop things they might never bother with otherwise.

  4. If ya ask me, the fondue fork would make a good missile weapon too...

  5. Its amazing how much glee reading that gave me. Gamma World was the only thing in my childhood that made me smile more than D&D.

  6. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I can't help but feel the love for d12 here, and it's much appreciated. Maybe give people 2d12 shots worth on the black powder guns?

    Also, it would be sweet to have a "two items, on d6" such that the weaker choices are on the lower end of the chart. Gives an option for trading among a starting party to make up for not getting a needed piece of equipment.

    Some suggetions:

    Stewpot Helmet (2 in 6 nonstick)
    Hoe Polearm
    Partial Sports Armor (4 in 6 with jersey)
    -Baseball Bat (2 in 6 Cricket Bat)-

    Good stuff man.

  7. Tacoma4:41 PM

    Sorry! That was me above.

  8. Very cool! The Missile Weapon table is missing #11? Maybe a bola would fit in there?

  9. It'd be cool to have damages as well.

  10. A fantasy/medieval version of this would be interesting - your grandfather's old sword that might break, a pitchfork, an actual helmet from the wars that's a bit big and hard to see out of...

  11. "It'd be cool to have damages as well."

    I was planning on using d6 for everything but the guns.

  12. Hi, great table that gives that little extra nudge so the players starts think in the right direction (i.e scavenge anything, it might be useful ^_^). One thing though, shouldn't the roadsign-shield actually be ac 8, as unarmored players start at ac 9? or is it just a fashion-statement :)

    Btw, the other tables work great as well, a shame we have no plantmutes yet in the group.