Sunday, November 02, 2008

more stuff partly ripped off from ol' JRR

Minor Artifacts of the First Elvish War

Ivory Morion of Forn - A conquistador helmet carved out of a single piece of ivory or similar substance, decorated with scrimshaw-like engravings of maidens dancing with trolls. The wearer of the Ivory Morion regenerates 1 hit point per turn but can only heal wounds sustained while wearing the helm. Also works as a normal helmet, whatever that means in your game.

Orald's Yellow Boots - Standard sneaky-type Elven Boots sized for a human and dyed a garish hue. Because of the hurt-your-eyes yellow color most elves consider this enchanted footwear among the most horrible fashion accessories on the planet.

Ebony Spear of Iarwain - This heavy spear's black shaft is beautifully carved with precise geometrical patterns. The spearhead is an unknown alloy of silver and mithril and while the Ebony Spear provides no bonus to hit or damage, it counts as both a magic weapon and a silver weapon for determining who can be harmed by it.

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