Tuesday, September 09, 2008

fivily linkily

Argent Lake - gonzo worldbuilding wiki exercise

Masters of the Universe series bible - By the power of Grayskull!

The Table of Despair - helps motivate your players to get out of the dungeon before the session is up

National Gaming Day - Demoing at your local library, anyone?

Dan's Diminutive D20 - another tiny d20 hack


  1. Unfortunately that National Gaming Day doesn't seem too interested in role-playing. Almost all vicdeo games, with a couple of lines thrown in about board games.

  2. Dans d20

    if you really love rules light dnd

    i have a 50 page players handbook on Word completely compatable with the most supported game of all (DnD 3.x)

    My RPG 2.5 has formed the core f my DnD campaign (spells ripped off from Labyrinth Lord) for years . . .

    many possibilities but very intuitive
    6 classes & 20+ skills plus
    simple and deadly combat and best of all you never have to calculate XP