Friday, May 02, 2008

Help! WoAdWriMo!

Next month I'd like to do Worldwide Adventure Writing Month again, but since Martin put Treasure Tables on hibernation I need a new host. I had hopes that theRPGsite would be the new home of WoAdWriMo, but the present server crisis and need for better software makes that a no-go.

I'll make a new Yahoo Group if I need to, but does anyone have any other ideas for a place that can host the finished adventures and maybe a discussion forum? The forum was relatively low-key last time, but the download section needs to be able to handle at least a couple thousand 5 or 10 MB downloads over the course of a week.

Incidentally, the WoAdWriMo challenge will change in one regard this year. I had originally called for people to try to write adventures of 32 pages in length. In retrospect, I think that parameter discouraged more people than it motivated. So I'm removing that limit entirely. If you want to contribute a single brief encounter to the WoAdWriMo effort, we'll take it. Anything you want to submit that might help a GM where the dice hit the table is welcome.


  1. I'd be willing to host it at either (although I'd have to get sign-off from UGO for that) or on (although I'd have to get approval from the other guys who run the campaign world for that). If you're interested I'll send them an email and take their temperature.

    I think on I can install some sort of PHP forums, but I'm not 100% on that.

  2. I wonder how many pages long Wilderlands of High Dumbness would run.

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Jeff- I can host you for free if you want. I can throw up PHP Nuke or PHPBB or whatever you want. I signed up for a new hosting service six months ago and prepaid for a year with the idea that I was going to transfer Animalball over to it, but then decided the transfer was too much trouble (not a problem with the new host but my old one). So now I've got 3 gigs of server space and (for all intents and purposes) unlimited bandwidth and nothing sitting on it.

    I'd love to host it and set it up for you. Let me know. kyle [at)

  4. Hmmm, you might want to look at It's a free web hosting area with no ads. Its free hosting offers 10 gigs of space and 10 gig bandwidth.

  5. I also have plenty of unused webspace at I can setup a forum and have plenty of bandwidth.

  6. Anything you want to submit that might help a GM where the dice hit the table is welcome.

    Dude, you just totally killed your chances of getting an Amber Diceless RPG adventure from RPGPundit. :)

  7. Thanks you for all the kind offers. I will get back to you all in the next day or two.

    Doc: I want to see that Wilderlands!

    S. John: What those diceless perverts do in the privacy of their own homes is of no concern of mine, but I'm not going to encourage them. ;)

  8. I have been waiting for WoAdWriMo again just to have an excuse to write another scenario. My effort last year was ok, but I really wanted to spend more time on it but work got in the way.
    Now if I can just think of something to write.....

  9. Jeff my traffic is low enough and bandwidth high enough to support this... I just don't have the time to actively manage it. So if you've got tech savvy people working on this, I'll gladly host this on

    I can install Wordpress and a forum in mere minutes for that.

    Contact me at the usual adress.