Saturday, November 24, 2007

a dream fragment

I was being haunted by the chiclewuecue (pronounced chick-luh-WAY-kay), an Aztec undead that can wear the form of your dead loved ones. This one took the form of Grandma Rients, at least until the skin melted off revealing the cadaverous, skull-faced horror underneath. The chiclewuecue can also manifest as an infestation of large spiders, or as the spooking of local animals. It can also incite children to violent acts, as when walking through a park all the kids playing ball started lobbing their footballs and baseballs and such at me. Fortunately, badass 70's Batman and Frank Zappa, Sorcerer Supreme, were on hand to help me. Frank was wearing a white leisure suit with a lime green silk shirt and magic shoes. They were Italian style shoes, with the zipper up the high ankle, but with huge wooden platform heels and soles and silver sequins. They were like the magic shoes the Wicked Witch would wear, if she were a pimp. I awoke wondering if Zappa also owned Dolemite's magic pimp cane.