Monday, March 19, 2007

It has come for our 25mm women!

Howdy, folks! I've been busy at work, catching up from last week's superfun stomach flu/headcold adventure. Now I'm off for a week with my little sweetie. She's on spring break and we've got lots of fun stuff to do. Hopefully she'll allow me a little time to stock the first dungeon of my new campaign and/or paint some more minis.

Speaking of miniatures, you have got to check out the eBay list for seller 7onestreet. Right now they'll sell you all sorts of weird vintage sci-fi figures. Like this one:

How can you not love that? I'd buy this bad boy myself but I swore I wouldn't buy any new metal until I painted all the old stuff I have lying around here. Maybe later this week I'll post pictures of the figures I've painted since I took another stab at the minis thing. I seem to have acheived a momentum I never had in previous attempts. Which is to say, I've painted more than one miniature and not grown tired of the project.