Monday, March 26, 2007

Beyond Vinland: Viking PC rules

Here's the info I emailed my players for creating totally authentic pseudo-Hyborian viking types. Additional notes appear in brackets.

Viking Cultural Info

Alignments: Any

Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Troll, Half-Troll (If I can find a decent Half-Troll write-up)

[I have the half-troll from Bastion's Minions, but I'm not entirely satsified with it.]

Bloodlines allowed: Fey, Giant, Hag, Troll

Classes: No Monks, Samurai, Ninjae, Wu Jens, or Shugenjas. No psionic classes except Half-Giants may take levels in Psychic Warrior.

[The races list is pretty small, so I wanted to be wide open with the classes. But viking Ninjas and Psions is a little too wide open for even my tastes.]

Traditional Enemies: Giants, Drow, Serpent Men (Yuan Ti and such), Dragons & their kin, Trolls

Weapons of Choice: Shortbow, Shortspear, Swords, Axes

[The Traditional Enemies and Weapons of Choice fields have no mechanics attached.]

Pantheon Domains: Air, Animal, Chaos, Charm (SC), Courage (SC), Death, Destruction, Dwarf (SC, dwarves only), Elf (SC), Fire, Glory (SC), Glutton (SC), Good, Knowledge, Law, Lust (SC), Magic, Ocean (SC), Plant, Portal (SC), Retribution (SC), Rune (SC), Strength, Trickery, War (shortspear, longsword, warhammer), Water

[SC stands for Spell Compendium.]

Additional Clerical Note: Spiritual Weapon is always a hammer.

[Both the mighty Thor and tradition demand it.]

Miscellaneous: Big horned or winged helmets. Loud. Like to brag. Men wear beards and/or moustaches, often elaborately braided.

[Again, no mechanics here. Just window dressing.]