Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top Ten Things To Do In Alidor

Last night Jon, one of the players in my D&D campaign, started running his World of Alidor setting for a couple of the guys and me. Jon's been working on this setting and running it for groups since D&D 3 was published and it shows. I've managed to put together the following To-Do list just based off a half-hour's pre-play dialogue, one session of play, and the notes on his website.

1. Woo Louise, the Wizardess of Yatton

2. Clear the Undead out from underneath the Ruins of Bunarn

3. Enter the Wookey Hole, if we dare!

4. Ride in a Gnomish Dirigible

5. Scale the Wall of Petrified Trees that guards the Elvish Empire of Taluo

6. Rid the land of the Black-blooded Slavers

7. Find the lost Tortoise City of Cork, drive out its orcish occupiers, and restore the Bardic College therein

8. Locate the Temple of the Couatl (if such a place actually exists)

9. Visit the God-City of Alidor

10. Slay the Dragon that menaces the island of Jelling