Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Man called Sting, A Box called X

Not the Crow.The wrestling show that I follow, TNA Impact!, is moving to Thrusday nights at 10pm. I'm not exactly pleased with this move, as I don't normally stay up until 11pm late on a weeknights, even with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report already running 10 'til 11. I'm going to try to catch the first broadcast in the new time slot. On Saturday night fan-favorite Sting threatened to actually wrestle a match. Sting is one of a handful of wrestlers that I can still get that can bring out the enthusiatic little kid in me. And the X-Division (the local cruiserweight undercard) remains strong. X-Division champ Christopher Daniels ranks as my favorite member of the new talent in the TNA rosters. I may end up buying his compilation DVD.

Last week the Toys 'R' Us was running a sale on some X-Box games. I bought two titles: Lego Star Wars and a compilation disc of old Sonic games. Since I can't get a Mario or Megaman game for the X-Box, Sonic is a decent alternative for side-scrolling platform action. Either the port to the X-Box has slowed the original Sonic the Hedgehog or else I'm used to faster games these days, 'cause this version of Sonic is the mind-blowing speedfest I remember from the original Sega system.

I can't speak highly enough about Lego Star Wars. It combines a mission-based adventure game with 3-D platforming action set in a too-cute Lego version of the Star Wars universe. The big battle sequences are amazing. I about pooped my pants on my first run at the battle over Coruscant. The range of available characters is awesome, including my favorite Jedi with no lines, Kit Fisto! I was also impressed with how the game makes non-force users important and relevant. Some missions simply cannot be completed without a blaster-armed character or an R2 unit. The biggest downer in the game is the friggin' podrace chapter. It took even longer to play than it did to watch in Episode I.