Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fan fanart

Christian Conkle (a.k.a. Evil Schemer) posted some Encounter Critical fanart over at the official yahoo group. Very cool stuff. So cool, in fact, that I printed a couple for my daughter and I to color. Here are the results, starting with my daughter's work. First we have a Manion Devil. I had begun work on the suction cups when she snatched this one out of my hand and finished it.
Manion Devil
While she was working on the Manion Devil, I started coloring the trim on the Bee Girl Queen's robe. Again she swiped the picture and finished it herself.
All hail the Bee Girl Queen!
The cave ooze below was colored with a single crayon, a Coloriffic Swirly, that has several colors mixed together in a single stick. I rather like the effect.
Cave Ooze
Finally, here's my Bee Girl. I used another Swirly crayon on her boots, but the effect turned out more subdued than I had hoped for. I was trying to show her wearing Phasic Boots, whatever those might be. Also, I should have gone with a deeper green for the gloves.
Big thanks to Christian for uploading his fab drawings!