Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stolze game ransomed

in Spaaace!, Greg Stolze's new sci-fi comedy rpg has met its ransom goal. Go here and click on the in Spaaace! logo to get your copy. I haven't had a chance to finish reading my copy yet, as my download via dial-up just got done, but the Hitchhiker's and Red Dwarf vibe is present from the get-go. For similar sci-fi comedy gaming check out S. John Ross's Sparks: Watch the Skies! and Points in Space, as well as the wargame Red Chicken Rising (found here, you'll need to scroll down a bit). Sometime I'd like to run a scenario set in the Red Chicken universe but using the Starmada Compendium rules.

In further Ransom Model news, it looks like Dennis Detwiller (P&P entry here) is considering using a ransom system to release some stuff. I think ransoming a Delta Green product could generate a pretty hefty chunk of cash. Here's the RPGnet thread discussing the matter.

You know, I really should get around to playing Meatbox Massacre, Stolze's first ransom game.

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