Thursday, August 25, 2005

a note to gamers passing through Decatur, Illinois

The Millikin University campustown has a little shop called Capital Comics & Games. If I were big into clickies or anime or comics I'd probably give Capital a thumbs up. It's a clean, well-lit store chock full o' merchandise, include a DVD rental service and a nice display of heroclix singles for sale. As a role-playing game fan, the joint is lame. They have four products for sale, a couple of Wizards hardbounds (including the DMGII) and a couple of new World of Darkness books. Whoop-dee-friggin'-doo. I talked briefly to the nice guy behind the counter. He's made the rational business decision to forgoe shelfspace for RPGs in order to stock faster-moving, higher-margin products. I can respect that, but I don't have to like it. The Waldenbooks at the mall in nearby Forsythe, Illinois is a better FLGS than Capital. At least they have the new Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing game next to all the D&D and nWoD stuff.

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