Friday, August 19, 2005

Electrons for Sale

Here's a quick survey of some RPG items of the electronic variety, all of which look pretty cool to me. This list is in no particular order and is broken down by vendor.

RPGNow (I buy most of my game-related electrons from these folks)

DriveThru RPG (The recent Camarilla nonsense has soured me on White Wolf and all their affiliates, but this stuff still looks cool.)

  • All the World's Monsters II (Old school monster compilation. Very early release from The Chaosium.)
  • All the World's Monsters III (Incidentally, the only reason I choose to pass on volume I of this series is because my friend Pat owns a copy. I don't want to spoil any encounters he might run with those freaks. I believe the air squid Munge the Half-Orc executed with a +1 arquebus was from the first volume.)
  • Pocket Empires (The fourth edition of Traveller was a troubled line, but here's one of the true gems that came out of T4: Empire building and economic simulations for the alltime greatest sci-fi rpg.)
  • (I used to have a hankering for Star Riders, a sci-fi comedy rpg based on the Teenagers From Outer Space system. But since Greg Stolze released in Spaaace! that niche has been more than adequately filled for me.)
  • DriveThru also deserves some kudos for getting the FGU and Judges Guild catalogs back into circulation.

e23 (I haven't bought anything from Steve Jackson's new venture yet. The sure-fire way they could get my business would be to make GURPS Aliens available in pdf.)

Cumberland Games & Diversions (S. John Ross's publishing venture.)


  1. Golden Comeback is fun because it has the Velocity Addict. One of my favorite characters was a 2056? juction VA, named Tarkus. fter the ELP song.

  2. Yes, the airsquid was from all the worlds 1.
    ( The triffids as well)

    Also, I'm doing less with my copy of
    Golden Comeback than all my other
    dust-collectors, so it's now yours.

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    (I am counting the truck fellow from awhile ago)

    I was just being an arse when I went no
    Anon, but I'm beginning to see the beauty of it.

  7. Yeah, you may be on to something there.

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