Saturday, September 16, 2023

Starmongers Guild

The Starmongers Guild is the closest thing to an operational magic-user's organization in the Kingdom of Drazbin. The main guildhouse is in the city of Yowat, but there's also a large contingent in Dillhonker. The original point of the organization was to provide solidarity for astrologers and soothsayers during a royal crackdown on fake fortune tellers, but all practitioners of the arcane sciences are now welcome. The usual route to membership is to apprentice under a master for several years but adventurers can skip that nonsense and join for a mere 1,000gp donation and a successful Charisma check (the fee is non-refundable). Membership provides the following benefits:

  • Membership is a legal defense against accusations of witchcraft (but not Black Magic) wherever Royal law applies.
  • The right to participate in the parades and festivities of the order. This means anytime you carouse in a town with a guildhouse there's a 1 in 6 chance the XP gain is doubled.
  • The Dillhonker Tarot has 99 cards.
    Every time you level up after joining, you receive an additional benefit if you can roll OVER your level on 1d12. If this roll is successful, throw 1d6 on the chart below:
    1. Gain basic proficiency in astrology. (If re-rolled on a later level, you get nothing.)
    2. Gain the alchemical knowledge needed to brew 1d3 different random potions.
    3. Gain the ability to Read the Cards once per day, which works like the spell Augury (if re-rolled, gain an additional usage per day).
    4. Gain a random MU spell.
    5. Gain knowledge of an ancient language.
    6. Gain all the mental abilities of an Arduin Psychic equal to your level. (If rolled again, you lose these benefits. They can be regained later.)
Note that non-magic-users can try to join the guild. In these lazy days of warlockery there's only a 1 in 6 chance they detect that you're a charlatan. But woe unto ye if that happens.


  1. I like this kind of esoteric organisation - an OSR prestige class. I had a similar organisation in my Yoon-Suin campaign, a philosophers' sect modelled after Scientology. Unfortunately, my players never progressed far in its hierarchy.

  2. Is there perhaps a complete Dillhonker Tarot we could use for a Deck of Many Dillhonkers?

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Great idea! -Jeff

  3. Pretty badass there, Jeff. I've been using guild memberships like this myself for carousing bonuses, opportunities for new skills and abilities and ultimately, training for new levels.