Thursday, October 22, 2020

Down and Out in Adrianople

(I originally posted the following to the LotFP Facebook group, but I thought I'd save a copy here.)

A Thimble of Online Research, Inc. proudly presents: 

*Biggest Cities in the West(ish) circa 1500* 
Constantinople 550,000 
Paris 225,000 
Naples 200,000 
Antwerp 150,000 
Ghent 150,000 
Venice 135,000 
Adrianople (Edirne) 125,000 
Thessaloniki 125,000 
Brussels 100,000 
London 100,000 
Milan 100,000 
Moscow 100,000 

*Biggest Cities in the West(ish) circa 1600* 
Constantinople 700,000 
Naples 350,000 
Paris 325,000 
London 300,000 
Venice 200,000 
Moscow 200,000 
Seville 200,000 
Milan 180,000 
Adrianople (Edirne) 170,000 
Lisbon 130,000 
Brussels 100,000 
Prague 100,000 
Rome 100,000 
Amsterdam 100,000 
Messina 100,000 
Palermo 100,000 

(Population figures obviously include a lot of guesswork and estimation.)


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