Saturday, December 17, 2016

1st level spell handouts for Lamentations

One of my few gripes with the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Rules & Magic book is the spell section.  I hate, hate, hate getting all the spells as a single long alphabetical list.  For too long my neural pathways have been charred into a configuration based upon the organization of spells by class and level.

And frankly, I think that the old way of organizing spells was a lot more friendly for newbies.  Imagine playing a cleric for the first time and needing to search through 200 spells to find the ten you have to choose from.  So here's a pair of simple handouts meant to address this issue, at least for the first couple of levels of play:

All the 1st level cleric spells

All the 1st level MU spells

Note that my layout of the Turn Undead spell is lousy.  The lines for levels 11-15 spill over onto the next page.  But I'm not to worried it, since I doubt many characters make it past level 10 in a typical LotFP campaign.  And if you're playing at that level, this handout is woefully insufficient anyway.

Also, I trimmed quite a bit out of the Summon spell.  It's still the longest MU spell by a wide margin, but I decided to remove stuff that was more geared toward the referee rather than the player.  After all, these docs are meant to be handy player references, not actual substitutes for the rulebook.

Anyway, use and distribute as you see fit.

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