Monday, May 18, 2015

Check this out

So over Mother's Day weekend my mom insinuated that she would like it if my Amazon wishlist was populated with more things that weren't books.  Today the thought occurred that maybe one could buy 25mm figures via the big A.  Every few years I consider getting back into minis and trying to put together a set that would allow me to run at least some straight vanilla BX dungeon crawling.  So I've been search Amazon for variations of the term "25mm."  I found a couple of things I wanted to share, both from a company called Litko Game Accessories.  The first is an item they call a "Horde Tray."

Horde Tray 12-25mm circles (1)

This accessory allows you to move an unorganized rabble of goblins, orcs, peasant levies, etc, as a group.  The circular depressions are supposed to fit their 25mm round bases.  These trays come in a variety of sizes of shapes, so no two hordes need to be laid out the exact same way.  I like the idea of pushing a mess of orcs across the table using something like this.

Horse, Character Mount Marker, Brown, 25x50mm Base (1)

Not enough figures come with mounted and unmounted versions and these markers allow any standing figure to be easily marked as on their horse.  Litko also makes dire wolves, bears, boars and even pink unicorn varieties.

And check out these torch bearer markers!  Hot damn!
Torch Bearer Marker Set

Anyway, just thought I'd share this neat find.

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