Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ready Ref Sheets poison rules

I like this chart a lot, except for the fact that belladonna hardly seems worth the 10gp to me.


  1. Nick (the armchair toxicologist)2:16 PM

    meh, I'm not as fond of the chart. Probably because the effects of Belladonna on the chart are rather mild.

    In reality the toxins in Atropa Belladonna can be fatal, and some of the symptoms include hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions. Which seem a lot more fun to RP than the "half-actions" listed on the chart.

    Then again, In my games I always tended to make poisons rarely available, easily ruined, and with a range of effects. As in, a roll was made each time a target was poisoned to see how much of a dose the target actually received. A chart like the one here would be easier overall, but I think I'd prefer a method where the effect on different targets might differ, either because of dosage or physiology.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Kid Monster6:04 PM

    I really like the way that size factors in on effects.

    Anyway, here's my own poison table that I developed for my Labyrinth Lord game. Enjoy.

  3. Wasn't there a rule in early D&D that if you were wounded by a lycanthrope that you became one unless you ate belladonna? I think it's in Holmes anyway. My PCs used to always buy it.

    That would be my guess as to why Belladonna is in the table - for self-inflicted curative attempts.

  4. I love that chart, used it time and again over the years.

    My only complaint is players that pay attention know how much damage they are going to take. "Oh no 3 pts of damage... I'm going to take 6 more!!!"

  5. Man, I could fill my blog for a year just going through the Ready Ref Sheets.. but I need to finish up B&TB. (Demons are up, BTW, and I hope to get to Parasites and Robots before this week is out...)