Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Encounter Critical webring

This is the closest thing you'll ever see to an official webring for the bestest game that was never written in the 70's but should have been.
Blogs with EC material:
Other related links:
If you find any other pages with EC material, please post a link in the comments or email me at jrients at gmail dot com.  Thanks!


  1. Nick (the link finder)1:00 AM

    Your link to the quiz gives me a 404, but I found it over here...

    Thanks for the handy links listing.

  2. Jeff, mind if I mirror a version of this on the EC homepage?

  3. Nick (the doofus)8:22 AM

    Oh, ok... so that is the exact same link. It still gives me the 404 unless I get to it through a google search. Strange.

    So, my score today is

    Good Intentions: 10
    Helpfulness: 0

  4. S. John: Please do!

    Nick: The same thing is happening to me. WTF?

  5. there's this ec pc generator.

    i can't say it's not without it's quirks, but it works most of the time...

  6. Thanks, brink! I feel silly for having omitted your nifty toy!

  7. Speaking of Blogs with EC Content ... I just caught up on Planet Algol, and geez ... boxed set ... so ... groovy ...

  8. Since I talk about EC sometimes in my "Guy-Wires" blog, here's the link to that:

  9. Another play report:

    Gunsel is Dave Insel, he of the bikini-wearing Wooky illustration (and etc).

  10. Encounter Critical play report and introducing this RPG to all brazilian players, direct from Brazil:
    Portuguese subtitles ;)