Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jeff's Long Box*

In preparation for our upcoming move I finally broke down and bought a long box at the local comic shop. Just in time, it turns out. All my floppies together pretty much filled it up. I would have had a little wiggle room, but the bargain boxes had some new stuff. I found four or five issues of Sensational She-Hulk and a like number of The Omega Men. I don't really know anything about the latter except that it's set in outer space and the covers look full of soap operatic melodrama. Come days, that's all I need to know to spend a couple of bucks on back issues. I also found the last issue of Sectaurs, a crappy toy tie-in book. I don't normally buy crappy toy tie-ins, but this one was written by Bill Mantlo. That guy is awesome.

*With apologies to David Campbell.