Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't call it a comeback

Nazi punching in issue 1 is the shortcut to my heart.Pat loaned me his copy of Lobster Johnson #1 and it is awesome-rific! Pulpy mystery men in the vein of the Shadow and Doc Savage done by the creator of Hellboy. You can't really go wrong with that formula. And near the back of the book is this ad:

One badass dandy.Erol Otus in the house! Hot damn tamales! And his old PC Valerius, no less. That guy is cool as ice. For the benefit of any new readers, I really should mention the fact that I love the art of Erol Otus so much that several years ago I constructed an online shrine to his honor. Valerius gets a page of his own.

Just for the record, even the art of Erol Otus won't get me to buy the new Ruins of Greyhawk. The new encounter format that Wizards is using makes me weep bitter, bitter tears. So much page space taken up by so little adventure.