Sunday, September 04, 2005

Putrid Joe: Zombie Lord

My Urban Dead character Putrid Joe has reached twelfth level and now possesses all the skills available for dead characters. I am the ultimate zombie!!!!11!!11!!! Mostly I've been satisfied to push Joe around the city map and chomp on whatever members of the living I happen to catch out of doors. But lately I've been tearing into barricaded buildings and gorging upon the fleshy treats inside.

My human characters, Little Eddie and Buck Rodriguez, both have been zombified. That kinda bums me out. Little Eddie was slowly but surely gaining XPs by spraypainting graffiti on monuments and schools and Buck was a one man zombie fighting army. Now that they're dead I just don't have nearly as much interest in them. Ah well, maybe some kind mad scientist with revivify them.


  1. I haven't been very successful with urban dead so far.

  2. I found being a zombie was a pretty good gig during the first few weeks I was in the game. Not as many people out in the open these days.

    Buck, my firefighter, could bring in the XPs fast by taking his fireax to the zombie menace. No need to search for ammo, and you start at 40% skill.

    Little Eddie, my civilian, was a real pain to get to level 2. My plan was to make level 3 on tagging alone, but he got caught. If you ever see a "FtZ!" tag, that was one of mine.