Friday, April 29, 2005

Okay, I'm done

Buying D&D books that is. I just placed an order at Amazon for D&D for Dummies (finally available for sale) the MM 3.5, the DMG 3.5, and some minis. Outside of a module or a magazine, I now have way too many 3.5/3.0 books. Call it "a sufficient quantity" to run most campaigns that interest me. Especially when the stuff Pat can bring to the table is added to the equation.

For the minis I ordered a Deathknell booster and a Giants of Legend hugepack. I really, really want one of those fly new beholders. A bullette would be sweet as well, but I wouldn't turn up my nose at a fiendish tyrannosaur. But really, all of the size huge critters look pretty sweet.

I spent my lunch today reading the opening section of the spells chapter of the 3.5 PHB. You know what? I am finally digging this big crunchy thing that is the new D&D. I'm getting ideas for NPCs and encounters and such. I may even build a smallish dungeon.

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