Saturday, May 11, 2024

Presenting... Professor Power!

So this guy came to me in a dream last night.

Professor Power

Thaddeus Bauman, a.k.a. the Amazing Thaddeus

  • Fighting: Good (10)
  • Agility: Good (10)
  • Strength: Good (10)
  • Endurance: Excellent (20)
  • Reason: Excellent (20)
  • Intuition: Excellent (20)
  • Psyche: Excellent (20)

  • Health: 50
  • Karma: 60

  • Popularity: 4
  • Resources: Excellent (20)

Staff of Power: Taking the form of a golden cobra-headed rod with a ruby in mouth, Thaddeus is still figuring out how to tap into its awesome powers. He regularly uses its forcefield power, which provides Remarkable protection against physical attacks and Amazing protection versus energy attacks. This power only works against attacks Professor Power can anticipate or see, rear and sneak attacks are not affected. A FEAT allows him to extend the protection to adjacent allies.

The Professor can strike foes with the staff, fighting at Excellent level and inflicting Remarkable bludgeoning damage.

Once per session, the Professor can attempt to use the staff to achieve nearly any power effect at Remarkable level. He must make a FEAT roll at Green level if the referee agrees that the specific power usage advances the plot of the adventure. If the power would end the adventure prematurely or otherwise spoil the fun for other players, it requires a Red result. Any other usage requires a Yellow result for success.

Snakes: The Professor fights crime with two large constrictor snakes, named Past and Future, that he rescued from a swamp witch named Angurboda in one of his earliest superhero adventures. The Professor often refers to them as his "lovely assistants".

F:Gd A:Gd S:Rm E:Ex R:Pr I:Pr P:Pr H:70 K:12 +1 shift for grappling and escaping

Although these slithery pals are mostly just slightly clever ordinary snakes, once per session they can attempt a Strength FEAT to do something silly and cartoony such as serving as a lasso or coiling into a spring to superleap somewhere.

Talents: The Professor is a stage magician, appearing under the name the Amazing Thaddeus. When appearing as Professor Power he usually has a trick or two up his sleeves as a means of distracting his foes.

Origin: Stage magician who bought a magic staff in one of those storage locker auctions.

Costume: Black luchadore-style mask with red paste gem on forehead, deigned to look like the ruby in the staff. Disco collar Dracula cape over Seinfield-style puffy pirate shirt. Rockstar type black leather pants. Vintage 70's zebra striped high heeled boots. Well, high heeled for a dude's boots.

PS: I know that Professor Power isn't an original comic book moniker. But that's what he was called in my dream.


  1. The real question is, does he know Dazzler? He seems like the kind of guy that might have crossed paths with her back when she had her own book.

    Also really deserves a Popularity bonus just for his costume choice. Not easy to rock zebra-striped boots, and he accessorizes with boa constrictors, which is pretty metal.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has random superheroes appear in their dreams.

  2. Ok who are the other ones on his team?

  3. The Circus of Crime, probably.

  4. Professor Power brings a delightful blend of stage magic and superhero prowess to the crime-fighting scene. His quirky companions, Past and Future, add an extra layer of charm to his already captivating persona. Can't wait to see what tricks he has up his sleeve next!