Monday, January 29, 2024

updated Snail Quarter map for Dillhonker City campaign



  1. Still going! Madness

  2. My level 8 (Fighter 7/Cleric of Vorn 1) Alexander Manning (Knight, Explorer, Dirigible Pilot, Warlord, Lord Of Wike House (Lysnowyth), Proprietor of the Lodestone Golem) has this not on his character sheet: "Sir Alexander Manning has cunningly secured lodgings 6 floors above the barracks in the Snail Quarter (TB)"

    "He can often be found drinking or training with the soldiers below and Olgreth Of Vorn (Clr 3). He seeks information about the City Of Vornheim, how it may be saved, and tools to that end.

    "Furthermore, wizards with access to a Stone To Flesh spell should inquire within, as Sir Manning has either 4 petrified adventurers, or 4 really really good statues. 3 are from outside Dundagel, one is an Amazon from within the same castle ruins.

    "If anyone asks why there is a Dirigible docked with the tower there, it belongs to a certain Knight, Warlord, Dirigible Pilot and Explorer, and may be hired, for a fee.

    "Regarding the Warband of over 60 miscreant demihumans and such stomping in and out of the barracks block indiscriminately, they too are owned by Manning and may be hired."

  3. Seahawk Tavern was once rated the best tavern in town. All the regulars refuse to stop talking about that one glorious year. These regulars become quieter over time and drift away until the moment the tavern once again starts doing well, when they all return suddenly and act like they supported the Seahawk the entire time; "fair-weather boozehounds" for the most part, although a limited number of die-hards exist.