Sunday, March 19, 2023

pledge allegiance

Booty and the Beasts is a 1979 monster and treasure book from Fantasy Art Enterptises. Art by Erol Otus, text by Otus, Mathias Genser, and Paul Reiche III, A pdf of this book has been floating around for a decade or more. As you can see from the dude on the front cover, some of the stuff in it leans more sci-fi than fantasy.

Anyhoo, the last page of the text (other than the inside back cover add for the Necromican, the spell book from the same outfit) is an illustration of the flag of the United Empire of America:

For a while I wanted to see what a color version of this flag would look like.

I'm just guessing at the colors here. Some combination of red, white, and blue seems like a no brainer. The texturing used by Otus suggests a non-white color for the small stars. The central star lacks that texture, suggesting a different hue. I went with yellow since ol' Sol is a yellow star. Here's an alternative take:

Here's another take that less resembles the flag used by Japan in WWII. Not sure which I prefer. Anybody got any other ideas?


  1. I think your first version is the best straight interpretation, with the red/white stripes harkening back to the planetbound colonies.

    Seeing blue stars on a white field on a Deluxe America flag felt rather odd to me (and red stars anywhere are right out, for obvious reasons). So I tried to finagle the other traditional white stars/blue field scheme elsewhere.

    That meant moving the white to the red sections... and because of the odd-numbered/five solar systems within the UEA, those colors couldn't be alternated.

    In the end, I put red/white stripes within each of those starburst sections. And expect to hear from Fantasy Art Enterprises' legal team in due course. :)

    1. I like your version!

    2. Anonymous9:31 PM

      Yeah, that version is awesome. I used the UEA IMC (they tried to invade when they were losing in a rebellion).

  2. Technically a white star, I think, but white really doesn't work for the cental star here.
    The first version looks good.

  3. The sun is classed astronomically as a yellow dwarf.

  4. Blue and red stripes with white stars?

    I'm getting an old school "Team America" vibe from both color palettes. Probably a good thing in this case.