Monday, January 16, 2023

one more quick one on the OGL

 I am going to quote myself from an unrelated kerfuffle in 2005, with one edit:

Also, the fact that one or more decision makers at White Wolf WotC actually thought the first policy was okey-dokey and that the customers wouldn't react still leaves me a tad bit uneasy. "Yay! Coke decided not to put dogshit in their beverages after all!" is not exactly a cause for celebration. Why didn't anybody at the Coca-Cola company understand the blindingly obvious fact that no one wants to drink dogshit?!?


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Wizards doesn’t care about the current consumer base. They’re pivoting away from ttrpgs into microtransaction phone games and Lifestyle

    They want you to be as attached to The Brand as you are to the local sportsball company, which, incidentally, doesn’t care if you play their game either.

  2. Look, man, I can get dogshit at an absurdly low price! It's much cheaper than the ground-up beetle shells we use to make Coca-Cola currently! No need for grinding! Limitless availability! And we're no longer tied to the supply chain! It's a win-win!