Saturday, June 05, 2021

a very serious game


These boxes refer to nonessential systems such as crew quarters, the mess hall, storage areas, and the bowling alley.

Just over here reading Federation Commander: First Missions, the freebie introductory booklet for Federation Commander, Amarillo Design Bureau's attempt to make Star Fleet Battles relevant to the modern game nerd.


  1. I was always disappointed the later series didn't lean into some of the absurdities of the TOS Franz Joseph designs. I suppose a good holodeck eliminates the need for an actual bowling alley, but how your league is supposed to schedule time in one of the damn things while everyone else on the ship is using it for sexy times (solo or with partner(s)) is beyond me. Because you know that's what that tech would mostly get used for. Attack Pattern Tuggs is spot on target for that subject.

    Holodeck swimming pools are probably less fun than the real thing too. Way more practical, though.

    SFB's arguably only ever been relevant to its tiny fan community - and I say that as someone who was once part of it.

  2. I'm seeing the opportunity to create the StarFleet Bowling League miniatures game here. You can have all the games Duck pin, candle pin, 10 pin, anti-grav pin and balls like the Klingon Slasher or Vulcan Floater. You could have bumper bowling. zig-zag alleys, Y-alleys and blackhole alleys. Get cracking folks, there's a market out there.

    1. Well, FASA did do a Grav-Ball game way back when, and Mantic's Dreadball had some success. Maybe there's room for Scifi Bowling. :)

    2. The bowling alley comes from an on-screen reference in the TOS episode "The Naked Time." So there.

  3. Granted, but do they share their habitat with air-breathing lap swimmers and water polo enthusiasts? If so, must be like watching a fish trying to jog for them.

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  5. I'd say the opposite. That kind of nerdy jokiness reminds me of 70s games. To me, trying to be relevant to modern gamers would mean saying that the crew only uses the bowling alley to meet drug dealers.