Thursday, June 06, 2019

Quick Campaign Update

So forty people have signed up for the campaign.  That was fast.  This means it might be several sessions before your turn comes up.  My goal will be to get everybody a chance to play as soon as possible, but in order to maintain some continuity from session to session, I plan to invite a person or two from a previous expedition.

Emails inviting people to the first session (which will be the early Saturday slot) will be going out shortly.

In the questionnaire I asked "Are there any particular concerns, needs, or questions that need to be addressed in order for you to enjoy the game?"  I'm going to respond to some of the answers here, without naming names as to who asked them.

I'd expect that things like bigotry and explicit sexual violence are pretty much verboten at any open table, but I'm pretty comfortable with most stuff.

Yeah, that sort of thing is definitely not my scene.  But if anything in play ever crosses a line for anyone, just say so.  The point of the campaign is to have fun times, after all.

My schedule is flaky because of kids and also OK to sign up if I'm not sure about my availability? Weekends are harder to plan for weeks/months in advance and similar concerns

No prob.  If you can't play when your number comes up, efforts will be made to ensure you get another opportunity soon thereafter.

I have small children, so I cannot guarantee that I will never have to respond to the occasional small scale disaster during game time. I would absolutely try to minimize the impact on game play.

Again, no big deal.  Parenting takes priority over a silly game.

I have not yet played a game online.

If you've got a stable internet connection, a microphone and a camera (even just the built-in stuff in a laptop), you should be fine.  I don't use a virtual tactical display or even online die rollers.  It's really just video chat with dice rolling.

Trying to tone down my intake of heavy violence lately... obviously not asking for a toothless game, but it'd be nice if we stayed a bit short of Death Love Doom territory...

I do use some somewhat graphic critical hits, but they are usually less like a Lamentations of the Flame Princess illo and more along the lines of the Black Knight from Monty Python.  Feel free to remind me to tone it down at the start of a session and I'll do my best.  (True story:  Once I showed that Python scene while teaching a unit on King Arthur and it didn't even occur to me that it might shock some of the students, none of whom had seen it before.  I apologized afterwards for not warning them.)

Can I be human variant who's a hermaphrodite, can change sex over a period of a couple of hours? Thanks

Yes, please do!  I want that character in my game!


  1. It just clicked, you've finished your first draft of dissertation. Well Done! Now the fun begins (and I don't just mean the game).

  2. Individual chapters are in drafts 3 to 5. I'm just not across the finish line yet.

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