Monday, January 03, 2011

poetry, by Crom

R. E. H.

Died June 11, 1936


[originally appearing in Weird Tales, October 1936.]

Conan, the warrior king, lies stricken dead
   Beneath a sky of cryptic stars; the lute
   That was his laughter stilled, and sadly mute
Upon the chilling earth his youthful head.
There sounds for him no more the clamorous fray,
   But dirges now, where once the trumpet loud:
   About him press old memories for shroud,
And ended is the conflict of the day.

Death spilled the blood of him who loved the fight
   As men love mistresses, and fought it well—
   His fair young flesh is marble where he fell
With broken sword that vanquished all but Night;
  And as of mythic kings our words must speak
  Of Conan now, who roves where dreamers seek.

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  1. Howard actually wrote some great poems himself.