Monday, December 17, 2007

Wi+ches & Wiz_rds, part 2: The Centaur Files

As I stated yesterday I don't really dig too much on the anthropomorphic animals. However, I do think that centaurs are pretty cool. Here are the five such critters I found on my Witches & Wizards clipart CD-ROM.I like this dude's look, but I can't help but think he's short at least one pair of legs.

Dinocentaur! This piece is by George Barr, who will get his own post in this series.

I'm pretty sure I've seen stats for a wolf-headed wolftaur somewhere. An Arduin Grimoire, maybe?

Is this art from that old centaurs & swashbucklers RPG? What was that called, Lace & Steel? If memory serves that was the first game I ever heard of that had formal social combat rules, which were mapped directly onto the fencing system.

Hidden amidst the furry cheesecake were a couple dragons and this pic of a centaur. I kinda like the color scheme and the hairdo is nifty.