Thursday, September 28, 2006

cool session

Last night's World of Alidor session was full of awesome. We beat down some robots while standing on a giant metal cube that was tumbling through the plane of Acheron and had our second throwdown with the Metrosexual Soulblade Orcs from the Turtle City. Doug's suggestion that I retool Osric the Slayer was right as rain. Barbarian/scout wasn't quite as juicy as I had expected but barbarian/rogue was hitting the sweet spot. I was busting out some mad sneak attack on the forces of not-us. My only concern is that I was gloryhounding a little bit. Doug's ranger/psion or one of the other guys would set up the flank and then I would slide in and totally obliterate the foe. That's good teamwork, but I don't want my flank buddies to feel like I'm soaking up their limelight. Jason traded in his wolfish animal companion for a bear. I'm not always a big fan of bringing pets to the fight, but I can't find anything wrong with letting a bear maul the opposition. Pat's warmage/hexblade/fatemaker has reached the level where the fireballs are cutting loose fast and free. That's all sorts of awesome. In my mind I divide magician types into two groups, the guys you can count on for a timely fireball and the guys who pull rabbits out of their hats. When Pat is running the first kind you can rest assured lotsa baddies are going to fry. A new player showed up for the game, a fella by the name of Andrew who built a tricked-out elf monk/scout. Fortunately, he had the good sense to choose Lawful Neutral for his alignment. My crew doesn't roll with the L to the G. The paladin types sometimes want you to hold back. And we are all about not holding back. Anyway, I think I like this guy.

Best part of all, we ended the session in sight of one of the legendary giant turtle cities. Maybe even the one that's home to those damn Orcish Lightsabre Dandies.