Monday, March 26, 2012

Caves of Myrddin updates, part 1

I've run three sessions since my last update.  Last Wednesday the game store group spent the entire session Beyond The Portal To Goblin Land*, so no real info is available.

On Saturday I ran a session at GaryCon for a bunch of players.  My notes are a little rough, but here's what the initial party looked like, I think:

4 dwarves: Balgo, Glavin, Lou and Guthouse Barrelboy.
Two halflings: Jonny Baggadonuts and the One Hit Point Wonder
Two magic-users: Simon and Robin.
Two fighters: Ragnar and Glavin
One elf who rolled so low for starting gold that he couldn't afford armor: Bellow
One cleric: Brother Steve

The One Hit Point Wonder was accompanied into the dungeon by Patsy the Loser.

Welcome to my nightmare.
This party entered the dungeon via the North Tower and had a brief run-in with Alice Cooper, who is a vampire, and his pet snake, who is also a vampire.  They then mucked around on the level with the purple raiders and the magic throne for a bit, until they stumbled upon the Goblin General Store.  Somewhere along the way Guthouse Barrelboy bought the farm.  Was he the one beheaded by the Mad Unicorn, or did the fake door with the poison gas trap kill him?  I can't recall.  Either way he was replaced by a cleric named Brodo.  Another PC died, but I can't quite figure out who it was from my notes.

Speaking of the Mad Unicorn, those bastards killed it.  I'm pretty sure Ragnar ended up with its horn.

The following a map purchased at the Goblin General Store, they attempted the south tower and the Spiral Staircase to Hell.  After finding one of the Hellmouths near the bottom of the vertical map they explored an area previously untrod by adventurers.  There they found a pool containing a stone sarcophagus, from which they released Ra-Por-Hotep, an ancient evil lich from the days when Cornwall was a colony of Ancient Egypt (???).  I thought these guys were totally doomed, but one of them finally remembered he had received a Potion of Undead Control from the Deck O' Stuff.  A few dice rolls later an Ra-Por-Hotep was the slave of the good guys.  He was ordered to surrender all of his substantial treasure hoard to them and then go jump into the Hellmouth.

The party then raced back up the stairs and ladders to the surface, fearful that Ra-Por-Hotep and/or the forces of Hell would soon be after them.  They ran into a little trouble with vampire Sean Connery from Zardoz but somehow managed to get past him and steal his paralysis pistol.

Pleased with their haul from the lich's hoard, they descended upon the Blue Rabbit and boozed it up.  Two of them woke up having joined the Church of Satan while drunk, a third donated to the CoS blood drive and a fourth came to in the bed of one of Ewella the Alewife's daughters.  One of the married ones.

Today's session write-up will come a little later.

*That's the title of Module WX3, third in The Wessex Campaign, an adventure series that doesn't actually exist.