Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Castle Bouttreaux overhead sketch

This scan is terrible and my mapping skills are poor but combine this with the picture I posted and it should give some idea of what  is going on here.  Uggs the Cleric and his gang of jailbreakers have been scouting the site rigorously, so I feel they deserve some additional info.  A point worth noting is that the tower has at least four ways inside: front door, rooftop hatch, and doors leading onto the catwalks.

Fun fact: In 12th century England most castles do not have kitchens incorporated into the floor plan of the keep, so some poor schmucks have to lug every meal from the bailey kitchen up the ramp to the Great Hall.


  1. Yeah that map is poor. It is verging on the hipster.

  2. I liked poorly scanned maps before they were cool.

  3. I love Uggs they are so comfortable.

  4. Before looking at that other picture I thought it was a spaceship.

    I do get the idea now though so it isn't that poor.