Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flumphfest 2012!!

"I think someone should do a new illustration for flumphs. First impressions are everything, you know." -Michael Moscrip, today on Google+

Here's the original Fiend Folio illo, lightly shaded.

By DeviantArt member ButterFrog

Dire Flumph by Eli of the blog I See Lead People

Fairly recent Flumph illo by Andrew Hou, for the Pathfinder version.
Either those goblins are friggin' tiny or that Flumph is much larger than the original version.

by Welltun Cares

Rich Burlew's cartoony interpretation for Order of the Stick

 America's sweetheart Zak S presents this vagina dentata version,
which frightens and confuses me.