Tuesday, March 27, 2012

two brief FLAILSNAILS items

  • Mike Davison of sword+1 is running a G+ play-by-post tournament.  The players guide PDF is here and the results of the first round are here, but the real action of the event is in the individual threads started by +FlailSnails Jousting Field.  Thirty knights competed in round 1, with 16 in round two (one contest was a tie and both advanced). One brave participant, Sir Polycarp, died from wounds received on the field of battle.  And my guy won 50 gold betting on the results of one contest!
  • I think everybody who plays a wandering FLAILSNAILS adventurer should develop a brief stock intro, just two or three lines that give your character's name, what they reveal about themselves and what is obvious about them from their appearance.  "Donnal MacDonnal is a patchbeard youth clad in ancient scale mail and the tattered remains of a fancy cloak.  He's a fighting man of the spear-throwing, sword-swinging variety.  Donnal is accompanied by his henchman, the idiot-wizard Stanislav, and a magic pet lizard that is absolutely no help in combat or any other situation."  Something like that.  A quick readthru of these intros at the start of a session would really help orient people, I think.