Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trumpeter of Doom

A while back over at Swords & Dorkery cool dude Mike Monaco posted this great pic from the Lost Minis Wiki.  Officially, that's meant to depict a lich blowing a horn, but I thought it would be cool to make it into a new undead type.


No. Enc: 1 
Move: 90'(30')
AC: 5
HD: 4
Attacks: 1 chilling touch
Dmg:d6 plus save or slowed 2d6 rounds 
Save as: MU4 
Morale: 12 
Treasure:uhhh, B? let's say B.

In combat the first action of this undead jerk is to give a blast from it's bronzed rams-horn trumpet.  The sound carries up to d6 miles outdoors and d6x100' underground.  All living creatures who hear it will feel the skin crawl and their hair stand up on end.  Those within 60' must save versus petrification/paralyzation/WILL/whatever or flee at maximum speed for 2d6 rounds, dropping whatever they have in hand and selecting their route randomly.

Like most undead this creepy mofo is immune to mind-affecting spells.  Normal weapons do not harm it unless constructed of silver or blessed.  Dude is also immune to cold and magic missiles, because I said so.  Turns as a wight.

Once you kill this guy a wizard and a cleric can turn the trumpet into a lesser horn of blasting by one of them casting dispel magic and the other remove curse.  These spells must be cast at the same time.  A lesser horn of blasting works just like the regular kind, but only has 2d4 charges. After the charges are exhausted it can still sound a note audible at the same distances listed above.

Anytime a necromantically-minded spellcaster goes into a properly concentrated graveyard and attempts to animate an army of zombies or skeletons there's a flat 1 in 20 chance one of these rotters pops up too.  It rather than the necromancer will command the animated horde.  The Trumpeter's first order of business will be the murder of the necromancer, after which it will lead its undead charges on a general purpose rampage.  Trumpeters of Doom encountered in dungeons may be created by other means.