Saturday, March 17, 2012

one more thing from The Elfish Gene

"British rock stars of the seventies were still awestruck when they travelled to the States to find the seats reclined on planes and that ice was served with water. Most people didn't have central heating--the average temperature in a British front room in 1970 was 15 degrees centrigrade or 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the sort of level at which most people today would require a jacket if they were going out. We had a telly that came with a slot meter that meant you paid for your viewing by putting a coin into its back. Watching an Agatha Christie was always made more exciting by the knowledge that the money might run out before Poirot put his hand on the killer's shoulder."

This is my favorite passage from Mark Barrowcliffe's The Elfish Gene. (Page 59 in the hardback, if anyone cares.)